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Synth Lovers Cafe

Synth Lovers Cafe – On my Own (ft. Emily Zuzik)

Synth Lovers Cafe is actually a playlist of synth-based music which is not the same as electronic music. It is also the moniker of a London-based producer who released a handful of songs this year. If this sounds all very geeky, add singer/songwriter Emily Zuzik of Woves and her soulful[…]

VIDEO PICKS: 9m88, Alice Pisano, Anna Mieke, talker

9m88 – Love Is So Cruel Tapai-based and New York-raised pop artist 9m88 (pronounced “Jo-m-Baba”) released her sophomore album 9m88 Radio via her own label. On the heel of that release comes a fun, at times maybe bittersweet, but ultimately fascinating video for the song “Love Is So Cruel.” Watch[…]

Eliza Edens – I Needed You [Video]

Born and raised in rural Massachusetts and currently living in Brooklyn, NY⁠ —via Colorado and then Philadelphia— Eliza Edens delights with the delicate and enthralling “I Needed You.” The single is the latest offering from Eliza’s upcoming sophomore album, We’ll Become the Flowers, out October 14th. On her album, Eliza[…]

Lexi Mariah

Lexi Mariah – Queen of Broken Hearts

Lexi Mariah is not the “Queen of Broken Hearts” – she just does not want to be blamed for everything that goes wrong in her relationship. The Connecticut-based singer/songwriter packs her latest song with playful card game metaphors, and while the problems are real, she shows that humor can be[…]

Kimi Stär – Bodies

Electronic alt-pop duo Kimi Stär (pronounced Kee-mee Star) consists of indie house producer/vocalist ZOSIA and pop singer/songwriter Kaitlyn Kaerhart. The two artists had originally met in Los Angeles, CA, and soon thereafter moved both to Brooklyn, NY, where they decided to form a band. Their first single was “Wildfire,” followed[…]

Asha Gold – Up To Me

At first, “Up To Me” may sound like an obsessive relationship. But the airy, bouncy production and the repeated use of the far too familiar word “lockdown” hint that London-based singer/songwriter Asha Gold does not mean it that seriously. In fact, the song is not even about a specific person,[…]

Arny Margret – sniglar [Video]

The new single “sniglar” by Icelandic singer/songwriter Arny Margret is nothing short of utterly gorgeous. From its soothing vocal delivery to its mesmerizing and simply beautiful production. While ‘sníglar’ is Icelandic for ‘snail,” Arny Margret sings in English and clearly knows the language very well as her lyrics are powerful[…]

Abby Sage

Abby Sage – The Florist

“The Florist” is a metaphor for a person who dispenses happiness to others, which is something that L.A.-based singer/songwriter Abby Sage strives for in real life. But the song comes with a curious restraint in production and vocals that hints at a darker side in the life of a “florist,”[…]

JoJo Worthington – Win Butler

Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer JoJo Worthington isn’t afraid to tackle one of her biggest inspirations head-on. Who dares to call her new song “Win Butler?” Must be someone who’s not only out for short-lived buzz but someone who can back it up with substance. And oh, is there substance[…]

VIDEO PICKS: Ashe, Mike Baretz, Maddie Zahm, Winter (ft. Hatchie)

Ashe – Shower With My Clothes On L.A.-based singer/songwriter Ashe is not in a good place in her video “Shower With My Clothes On” – literally. While she is dealing with serious issues, others were having fun right around her. Ashe says about the song: “‘Shower With My Clothes On’[…]

Sister Wives – Greater Place

“’Greater Place’ is our love song to joy,” said Sister Wives, the Sheffield, UK-based band of Donna Lee (vocals/keys/synths), Rose Love (vocals/bass), Liv Willars (vocals/guitar), Lisa O’Hara (vocals/drums). But don’t expect soaring chorales or jubilating string arrangements. The four women stay true to their roots in gritty rock and show[…]

Florence Arman – Stupid Heart

Aren’t we all tempted from time to time to think of our feelings as having a stupid heart? Falling in love with the wrong person but also believing in a person’s words and getting fooled, two just name two examples. I think it is easy to relate to “Stupid Heart,”[…]


PVA – Hero Man

“Can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t get to work” – London trio PVA delivers this state of utter inability as a high-energy synth-pop track that reminds us how emotionally engaging well-crafted electronic music can be. Ella Harris, Josh Baxter (both vocals, synths, guitar), and Louis Satchell (drums) are said to put[…]

The Ocean Beneath – Feel

The Ocean Beneath is the moniker of producer, songwriter, and DJ Matt Burnside. Based in Leeds, UK, The Ocean Beneath creates catchy electronic tunes that charm thanks to their mesmerizing flow and, in the case of “Feel,” also thanks to Keeper of Bees‘ lovely vocals. We asked Matt to tell[…]


TSHA – Water (feat. Oumou Sangaré)

London-based producer TSHA makes bright, extremely infectious electronic dance music. Her latest song, “Water,” features iconic Malian musician Oumou Sangaré and is sure to heat this and any coming summer weekends. TSHA’s debut full-length “Capricorn Sun” is scheduled for October 7 via Ninja Tune. Listen to “Water,” our Song Pick[…]