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Rivita – Too Close

The world-traveling singer, songwriter, and producer Rivita is ready to release her debut album. While there is no date yet, she shared the first single, “Too Close,” a bouncy and upbeat synth-pop track. The song is about overcoming heartbreak, but it is also meant as a mood-lifter, as Rivita reveals:[…]

Jack Kane – Sequins

The type of Brit-pop Jack Kane creates transports me right back to the mid-90s when boybands like Take That and Boyzone and then the solo careers of Gary Barlow, Ronan Keating, etc., were dominating the charts. Back in the days when we were still listening to the radio, with all[…]

Lilac Haze

Lilac Haze – My Dreamworld (ft. Julianne Regan)

“My Dreamworld” is just that: an invitation to follow Katrina Swift aka Lilac Haze into her hazy, serene dreamscape. For this track, the singer/songwriter from Bath, England, teamed up with All About Eve singer Julianne Regan, who also co-wrote the song. “My Dreamworld” is the title cut from Katrina’s upcoming[…]

NZCA LINES – Universal Heartbreak

I don’t know about you, but for me, learning how an artist composes music, comes up with ideas, and follows through with them is something that always interests me. I had no idea how multi-instrumentalist and producer NZCA LINES, an artist who landed on glamglare’s radar in the summer of[…]

Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe – Dusk

The Californian musician Chelsea Wolfe has been doing nocturnal indie rock for over a decade. Her new song “Dusk” never leaves the darkness from its haunting beginning until heavy guitars create a scorching finale. Meanwhile, it is a love song that leads somewhere into the light. Chelsea explains: “The friends[…]

Cori Nora – Fake Flowers [Video]

Luckily, it’s only two more days until the debut album by Cori Nora drops because the album’s latest single, “Fake Flowers,” including the previous ones, is just so incredibly gorgeous that it makes you long for more. Born in Switzerland and now residing in London, U.K., she creates her music[…]

Lily Hain

Lily Hain – Internalize

If you are always there for everybody else, it is only a matter of time until others take advantage of it. With her new song “Internalize,” NYC-based singer/songwriter Lily Hain is at the point when she wants to look out for herself first. The lively indie-rock track has a good[…]

The Hecks – Let’s Dream

I am a fan of The Hecks ever since their 2016 brilliant self titled album. Later, it got a bit more quiet around the Chicago post-punk quartet, now slimmed down to a duo with a glorious new style, replacing the intricate guitars with big, yet still intricate waves of synths.[…]


Daffo – Poor Madeline

“Poor Madeline” is a slow-burning, intense indie-rock track about being uprooted. The Pennsylvania singer/songwriter Gabi Demberg, aka Daffo, fuses a personal experience with a classic children’s book character. Gabi explains: “Poor Madeline” is about the loss of the feeling of home. I wrote it when I was 17, my parents[…]

SPELLES – Beginnings and Endings

Los Angeles-based dream pop duo SPELLES delight listeners with their new magically mesmerizing “Beginnings and Endings.” SPELLES are comprised of Kathryn Baar and Luc Laurent who both sing, write songs and produce. Their long awaited debut album Diving Into the Arms of the Divine will drop on November 15th via Sierra[…]