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Danielle Durack

Danielle Durack – Shirt Song

The breakup lies in the past, and everything is good, except when an old short brings up memories. In “Shirt Song” Nashville via Phoenix, singer/songwriter Danielle Durack takes an upbeat stance on being alone again and healing from a failed relationship. “Shirt Song” will be on Danielle’s new album, Escape[…]

Isa Y – Let’s Stay Together

Impossible to escape the groovy charm of “Let’s Stay Together,” and why should we want to? Manchester-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and gifted singer Isa Y put his musical influences, ranging from Soul and jazz to R&B and rock, into one sparkling gem of a song. “Let’s Stay Together” marks Isa’s debut[…]


Adwaith – Addo

We met Adwaith, the Welsh trio of Holle Singer, Gwenllian Anthony, and Heledd Owen, before their fantastic show at the New Colossus Festival last spring. “Addo” – Welsh for “promise” – the first single of their upcoming third album leads them again into the lighter territory of their early years.[…]

Ellur – The Woman

Fall sees a flurry of reflective songs, dealing with resilience and overcoming difficult times. British artist Ellur reflects on her experiences and what she had to go through as a teenager and puts into the haunting and frighteningly beautiful “The Woman.” Asked about her new song, Ellur reveals: “Despite being[…]

Dawn Cadence

Dawn Cadence – odyssey

Today, Vanessa Richardson, aka Dawn Cadence released her debut album odyssey. Her music demands attention: the skillful electronic tracks are sonic sculptures as much as pop songs and often leave you in astonishment after they fade. Fortunately, Vanessa is here to help and tell us some of the stories behind[…]

Mighty One

Mighty One – Wake The Dead

Mighty One is the UK-based duo of songwriters Emma Kingston and Mark Stidson. Their debut single, “Wake The Dad,” is an impeccably produced track with a slow and engaging build. The band says. “Wake The Dead centres itself around the notions of regret, and all of the emotions that come[…]

Eden Rain – All Things Change

In her new delightfully mellow song “‘All Things Change,” Eden Rain created not only a mantra for herself but a song to live by for all of us. Nothing ever stays the same, not the good but also not the bad. It speaks volumes for the British singer/songwriter’s talent to[…]

Mackenzie Shivers

Mackenzie Shivers – A Cautionary Tale [Video]

“A Cautionary Tale” is the opener of the fourth album Primrose Was In Season by New York musician Mackenzie Shivers, to be released next year. The song showcases a new musical direction she has been pursuing for a couple of years: her favorite instrument, the piano, takes the backseat while[…]

Hugmynd – This Is Where We Hide

British singer/songwriter Harry Erikson releases gorgeous music under the artist name Hugmynd. His latest single, “This Is Where We Hide,” deals with the realization that we don’t need to look for external approval because it needs to come from within us. The track marks the follow-up to the equally irresistible[…]

Bre Kennedy

Bre Kennedy – Scream Over Everything

“Scream Over Everything” is the beautiful title track of the new album by Bre Kennedy. The singer/songwriter from Nashville, via California, captures the feeling of drowning in chaos, where screaming feels like the only escape. Bre says about the album: “It’s called ‘Scream Over Everything’ because I wrote these songs[…]