Warpaint at Webster Hall



Warpaint at Webster Hall

We’ve been to quite a few Warpaint shows in the last months, but yesterday at Webster Hall, it was the first full-length one after the release of their second album. It was the biggest Warpaint show I’ve seen so far: selling out Webster Hall is not a small accomplishment and it must have been one of the biggest venues, if not the biggest, they’ve headlined so far.

They played to a great selection out of the three albums they’ve released so far (plus the unreleased No Way Out): there were the favorites Billie Holliday and Undertow as well as Composure and Bees from The Fool. From the new record the played five songs, including Love Is To Die and Disco//Very (the only danceable song on Warpaint, according to the band). There’s lots more of excellent material on the album to look forward to in future shows.

For a few songs, due to technical problems, Theresa had so switch to a blue version of the Fender Mustang, which looked and sounded quite unfamiliar, but for the Elephants jam, she could happily go back to her usual guitar, which may have inspired her to something close to a guitar solo.

The Warpaint women, who are known for introverted performances with little interaction with the audience, seemed to be in excellent mood and even engaged in some uncharacteristic stage banter. Apparently they are still excited to be on the road again for their spring tour through the U.S.

After the show there was party in the studio (where I saw my first Warpaint show three and a half years ago), where the band was scheduled for a “DJ Set”. However, before you could find out what this meant, you had to go through a purgatory of pants-shaking, throw-your-hands-in-the-air dance music, which collided starkly with the mood of the show before and drove Elke and me quickly out of the building, giving up the chance of getting our copy of the vinyl signed.

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