Strange Talk live at Music Hall of Williamsburg



Strange Talk live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

While listening through the songs of hundreds and maybe a thousand and then some bands, Strange Talk stood out with their sunny, catchy, upbeat music. I was smitten from the spot, and had their EP Strange Talk on constant rotation on Rhapsody Music. In the end, I missed Strange Talk in Austin, since there’s so much going on and they were up against the only “big name” I was determined to see (Julian Casablancas) but I am happy to have seen Steve Docker (vocals, keyboard) and Gerard Sidhu (bass) the founders/masterminds of Strange Talk, yesterday! Strange Talk At Music Hall of Williamsburg


Strange Talk At Music Hall of Williamsburg

Strange Talk’s full length album “CAST AWAY” is due end of April, and while they’re re-charging in Australia for the next two to three weeks, they will be back for an US tour and back in New York on Tuesday, May 27th at -my favorite venue- the Mercury Lounge! To sweeten the deal, as if this was necessary but hey, it’s really a cool deal! – they’re even giving away Ticket Bundles: you get a ticket to the show PLUS the vinyl including signatures for only $25.

P.S. The DJ set by Gerard after Blondfire’s performance and before The Sounds was on, was pretty bad ass AWESOME! Mixing Teen Spirit with techno beats… wanna hear THAT again!

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