Monogold live at Glasslands



Monogold live at Glasslands

And another one of these events, were the great met the sad: Monogold were re-releasing their atmospheric first album The Softest Glow on vinyl and with that, also their new material on an an EP called In Bloom. Not only did they come with tons of songs, old and new, but they also delivered an energetic, joyous show. The sadness though was caused by the circumstances surrounding us, to know that this was one of the last few remaining shows at the beloved, eight years old Glasslands. The moody venue will close for good by the end of the year to give way for plans by Vice Media (more on this here). As reported before, Williamsburg’s music venues are decimating and I hope we’ve seen the end of it with Death by Audio and Spike Hill closing too!

Monogold of course managed to sweep away any sad thoughts with their lush, melodic, powerful sound, and the audience cheered and appreciated the music that’s being performed live. The concert part of this evening ended with one of Monogold’s catchiest songs (and my favorite) Spirit Or Something and then yet another long time favorite on top of it as an encore. 

== All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

Although yesterday’s show by Monogold was most likely their last one at that venue, we certainly will see and hear more of that New York three piece over the next couple of months because the EP In Bloom serves mainly as a teaser for the full length album to come early 2015, together with a video and then some… Looking forward to what Keith Kelly (vocals, guitar), Michael Falotico (bass, vocals) and Jared Apuzzo (drums, vocals) come up next. In the meantime, here’s another favorite track, this one’s the title song from their just released EP. Enjoy!