Life Soundtrack: Depeche Mode – Black Celebration



Life Soundtrack: Depeche Mode – Black Celebration

There’s nothing I can tell you about Depeche Mode that you wouldn’t  know already or that you couldn’t read somewhere else in more detail and precision. However, this is also not what the Thursday segment Life Soundtrack is about. It is about music and its very personal influence, own memories and significance that maybe nobody else in the world shares – yet I doubt this, with a larger than life super group like Depeche Mode. Strangely enough, during different conversations this week, Depeche Mode got mentioned a lot, hence the band and Black Celebration are my choice today for Life Soundtrack.

In contrary to some other bands, who in my opinion did not stand the test of time, Depeche Mode did. What Martin Gore, Dave Gahan and Andy Fletcher put out, is still relevant and highly enjoyable! For example I absolutely love their 2013 Delta Machine, one of my fav albums of that year. Why did I pick Black Celebration though? Why not the brilliant Violator? Or the fantastic live album 101? Or Exciter, which came out shortly before I moved to New York City, and which also marked the year that I saw Depeche Mode live for the last time (2001) – yet at the famous Madison Square Garden. 

Well, Black Celebration was dominating 1986 and I remember it as it was yesterday, this summer night when I realized that I might not always love the boyfriend I was together with at that time but I that I will love this music and this band forever! 28 years later, both is true, yet while I am still friends with the boyfriend from back then, I never came close to Depeche Mode yet their music, especially David Gahan’s voice are still close to me. 

Videos of my two favorite songs of the album: the remastered and official video for Stripped and a 1986 fan live cut for Fly on the Windscreen