MUSIC BUZZ: Steve Albini // Bloodshot Records // More



MUSIC BUZZ: Steve Albini // Bloodshot Records // More

Steve Albini likes the Internet

Iconic musician, sound engineer and producer Steve Albini believes the Internet is the saviour of music and does not at all contribute to its demise. In a speech at the “Face the music” conference in Melbourne he says:

I see more bands and I hear more music than ever before in my life. There are more gigs, more songs available than ever before, bands are being treated with more respect, and are more in control of their careers and destinies.

That is my impression as well. Whatever it is going on, it doesn’t hurt the art. It’s also worth to read the speach in its entirety – it is refreshing to hear a voice of optimism for a change.

Bloodshot Records turns 20

Bloodshot Records, the label of one of our favorite bands, Ha Ha Tonka, turns 20:

The first few years Bloodshot was more passion than possible, as the pair held down day jobs and kept at it. Eventually, they were able to draw a small amount of money out of the venture. The Bloodshot name was becoming intrinsically tied to a burgeoning “unclassifiable” scene that could encompass label acts such as Toronto’s the Sadies to veteran fifties R&B howler Andre Williams and UK punk-folkies the Mekons.

They celebrate the anniversary with the special compilation While No One Was Looking.

Apple readies Beats Music

While everybody is currently looking at Spotify, the elephant in the room is Apple with their ability to almost instantly push their recently acquired Beats Music to millions of devices. Here is some – as usually unofficial – background.

Billboard charts count streaming

I thought they are already including streaming and downloads, but better late then never. We will see if it changes the charts on December 4th.