VIDEO: The Kooks – See Me Now



VIDEO: The Kooks – See Me Now

Followers of glamglare might remember when I reviewed “Listen“, The Kooks‘ fourth studio album earlier this year. Three of the album’s songs made it already into a video, the lastest one is definitely the most personal one. Singer and the band’s creative mastermind Luke Pritchard addresses in See Me Now the loss of his father when he was only three years old. His dad died of a heart attack with only 45 years of age. He writes on the band’s Facebook page:

“I wanted to make a connection, in a way I wrote it for everyone I know who has experienced something similar and also those who I have yet to meet.”

While the song and Luke Pritchard‘s sentiment also strike me on a very personal level, I love the video for its striking city feel and the song for its beautifully sad melody. Tokyo by night! The Kook’s frontman takes us onto a stroll through this amazing metropolis. Let’s have city walk together and remember those who we love yet are no longer with us…