NEW ALBUM: Firestations – Never Closer



NEW ALBUM: Firestations – Never Closer

Naturally, the closer we get to each year’s end, the less new album releases we see, which however can be regarded as an advantage for new and upcoming bands, like Firestations for example. The five piece hails from the UK, calling North East London their home, and has just released their first album Never Closer on the artist founded label Waltz Time Records

The album opens with the driving, dreamy and simply beautiful French Caves – my personal favorite track on this intriguing debut. Other stand-out songs are Lonely Town and Cold Sweaty Palms as well as the title song Never Closer. Some of the 12 tracks on Never Closer could have benefitted of some more mixing and sound editing because some sound a bit unbalanced to me. That said, the album nevertheless is refreshing and a lot of joy to listen to. Fun to read is also the band description on Firestations’ Facebook page, where band member Laura Copsey plays “laptop/flugelhorn/flute/vocals” – while others might simply call this “synths” they call it “laptop” – while a bit nerdy, it’s also at the same time absolutely charming! I am having a hard time identifying the flugelhorn or the flute because overall Firestations’ sound is guitar driven, dream pop even shoegaze at times with a psychedelic touch thrown in occasionally. 

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