MUSIC BUZZ: Warpaint // Pomplamoose // Prince // More



MUSIC BUZZ: Warpaint // Pomplamoose // Prince // More

Warpaint remixes Daughter, Daughter remixes Warpaint

In a mutual remix agreement bands Daughter and Warpaint remix one song fo the other each. Winter is the first installment, the other one follows on Monday.

Pomplamoose on tour

Pomplamoose, a band commonly credited with “getting it”, goes on tour and loses money. But:

We, the creative class, are finding ways to make a living making music, drawing webcomics, writing articles, coding games, recording podcasts. Most people don’t know our names or faces. We are not on magazine covers at the grocery store. We are not rich, and we are not famous.

Prince quits the Internet

On the other side there is Prince, rich and famous, who still doesn’t get it.

YouTube Key

Lifehacker has this handy guide to YouTube Key, Google’s alternative subscriptions service. Of course they already have one with All Access, so – quite typical for Google – this is all not so easy to understand. Nonetheless, I like the idea: the slightly chaotic, open-for-all YouTube may be a better fit to an art discipline like music than a slick, streamlined service like Spotify.

Spotify grows and loses money

Meanwhile, Spotify still loses money. So much for squeezing more royalties out of them. An interesting number is than 90% of the revenue comes from paid subscriptions. Yet, they are convinced that they need a free entry level for gaining paid subscribers. I’m not so sure.

Why not Bandcamp?

Then there is Bandcamp and Emily White makes a case to use it generally as a distribution platform and she is right: Bandcamp has it all, including a thriving community. It is just that there is not nearly a complete selection of music. While great for discovery, you cannot just expect to find there what you are looking for.