MUSIC BUZZ: FKA twigs // St. Vincent // More



MUSIC BUZZ: FKA twigs // St. Vincent // More

FKA twigs is nominated for a Grammy

For “Best Recording Package”. Which is Grammy-ese for best record cover art. What does an artist, who arguably created one of them most exciting albums of the year, when she’s nominated for best record cover? Be offended and maybe give the invitation to Jesse Kanda, who actually did the artwork? Or say whatever, enjoy free food and drinks and hanging out with the big guns of the business?

Shazams 2014 lists

For what it’s worth, here are the Shazam stats for 2014. It’s a little bit a circular conclusion as a song needs to be played publicly to be Shazamed, so naturally hit songs with lots of radio play domaniate this list. Shazam also predicts top hit makers of 2015, which will be rap, EDM and Echosmith.

St. Vincent tops The Guardian’s top 40

The Guardians Top 40 List is always interesting, because it is typically well rounded. Here, finally St. Vincent gets the top spot, after she was number one on so many half-year lists. It also finds FKA twigs finally under the top five.

$75,000 for the best American Debut

A jury will select a debut album released between July 2014 and August 2015 to be the best American album and hand out $75,000. I’m already curious who will get that honor.