PHOTOS: MOTHXR live at Pianos



PHOTOS: MOTHXR live at Pianos

The shows I usually go to, hold a nice balance between female and male audience. Granted, there are  shows that  appeal more to one or the other but usually it’s somewhat evened out. Not totally to my surprise, this was quite different on Wednesday at Pianos. The 160 people venue was completely sold out that evening, with (young) woman making up the fast majority of the audience. It’s just an interesting fact to mention, as we also in our recent review for Blonde Redhead pointed out that nobody was taking photos during their last show.

MOTHXR being fronted by Penn Badgley of TV  (Gossip Girls) but also Hollywood (e.g. Greetings from Tim Buckley) fame, they do have a certain built in popularity factor. No band though can make a living out of simple popularity if their music sucks – and their music most definitely does not! And why should it? Just because someone is good-looking and successful in one field,  doesn’t mean she or he couldn’t be talented in another one as well.

MOTHXR isn’t a solo project either with such gifted fellow band members like Darren (synths), Jimmy (bass) and Simon (guitar). Together they are freely taking influences from soul, jazz, synth pop, classic rock, and then some, to make it their very own, appealing mix, with Easy being their excellent first single.

While I clearly  liked their recorded material already (see review) -otherwise I would not have went to see them live- I was pretty much blown away how awesome they sounded live,  performing their songs with precision and verve! MOTHXR are off to a fantastic start, and I wish them all the very best, and am looking forward to more – more songs and more shows…

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