MUSIC BUZZ: Billy Corgan // Year End Lists // More



MUSIC BUZZ: Billy Corgan // Year End Lists // More

More Year End Lists are in

Aside from Elke’s and my top 5, more year end results are in.

Pitchfork chose Future Island’s Seasons (Waiting on You) as best song of the year and FKA twigs LP1 as the runner-up after Run The Jewels in the best albums list. The Huffington Post also includes twigs, together with out favorites Royal Blood and Banks. NPR’s Otis Hart put Gazelle Twin in his list of the best ten electronic albums of the year. Of course it is impossible to keep track of all of them.

Billy Corgan is interviewed by The Guardian

It’s Love Actually season and the quote “[…] giving a real answer to a question. Doesn’t often happen here at Radio Watford“ after an interview with Billy Mack. The Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan surly gave real answers to Tim Jonze in this interview. Essentially, Billy is upset about the mediocre reviews he received for his latest album Monuments of an Elegy. But read the whole thing – it is fun.

Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek’s album of the year

I’ve been listening to Banks a lot and I hope more people will discover her.

I can’t disagree with that. For the rest, he says the usual: Spotify will save the industry, if it wants or not.

House Shows become more popular

There is an interesting trend to organize shows at someones house instead of a proper music venue. I’m not sure though if that can fly in New York City, where most appartments would not hold more than twenty people, including the band.