Support Artists & Music You Love: Buy Albums in Store or Online



Support Artists & Music You Love: Buy Albums in Store or Online

Most of the times, I buy an album after a live show, directly from the artist. At other times, I enjoy browsing a store like Rough Trade New York, and occasionally, I order an album, especially when it comes with a limited offer like Korallreven’s newest album.

On their Facebook page, Korallreven promoted their new album and offered the first 125 orders “personal notes”, and so I visited Cascine

  • I ordered the album Second Comin’ by Korallreven at Cascine on 11/11/14.
  • I wanted to get one of the 125 limited handwritten notes.
  • The ordering process was smooth and painless. I could easily pay with Paypal.
  • Shortly thereafter I received a confirmation email. All very clean and pretty. No fuss.
  • Yet, I contacted Cascine to find out more about the shipment date and the personal handwritten note. They responded super nicely in less than 2 hours.
  • Not even a week later, I received the album, well packaged, together with the handwritten note.
  • #happy

I also recently ordered Easy, a single by MOTHXR through The Minimal Beat. While it took a tiny bit longer to receive the vinyl, the communication with Bill with fantastic, and kudos to all people involved!

So… where I am going with this post? I’d like to encourage true music lovers to actually buy the music they love. If you’re listening in your car to CDs, then go for the laser disk. However, if you’re a vinyl collector, then shell out the money to grow your collection with beautiful music and artwork. If neither/nor appeals to you, heck, then simply buy your favorite music on iTunes and grow your library. Whatever takes your fancy, support your favorite artists, knowing that they do need it and do appreciate it. And try out online shops other than amazon too, you will be surprised how well this works.

Since glamglare is about music, here’s a really cool new release by Korallreven: a cover of November Rain. As much as I love Slash’s guitar work, this new version is pretty amazing. Check it out: