3 Is A Band: Muse



3 Is A Band: Muse

In the Summer of 1999, still living in Munich, Germany and not thinking (yet) of moving anywhere else, I’ve attended the Southside Festival where on Day 1 Massive Attack and on Day 2 Marilyn Manson were headlining. Also on Day 1, a back then still fairly unknown band from the UK played, and I missed them – something I regret ever since! I knew about MUSE back then, since a dear friend of mine was a “MUSE super fan”. I simply arrived too late to the festival that day and missed out on MUSE.

I could have seen something like the following though: same time, same year, just different festival:

By now, MUSE rose to super stardom and became quite the household name. There’s maybe currently no greater stadium band  around, and I’ve seen them live at Madison Square Garden twice, yet I missed out on this opportunity -and many others- back in Munich. 

To stay in touch with MUSE, follow Matthew Bellamy, Dominic Howard and Chris Wolstenholme on Facebook, their website and/or Twitter.

Enjoy here some photos my friend Ignacio Moreno took,  when he saw Muse on their 2nd Law tour (dubbed “The Unsustainable Tour: Europe”) live in London, May 25th 2013 to see for yourself how a show of their magnituted looks like. Then listen to their albums. Start with 2nd Law and sound travel back into time, make sure  you don’t miss out on Absolution as well as Origin of Symmetry (my favorites). And ignore the fact that Stephenie Meyer reportedly listened to MUSE while writing her Twilight Saga. Then again, depending how you feel about it, keep that in mind when listening…

One of MUSE’s maybe catchiest songs and coolest videos, Starlight: