Three Top Songs of 2014



Three Top Songs of 2014

The following songs are not to be found on our Top 10 lists published earlier (Oliver’s 10 to 65 to 1 and Elke’s 10 to 6 & 5 to 1) because we either didn’t like the whole album enough to put it into our Top 10 or the song was released on an EP, which we didn’t consider in this year’s lists.

On one of the undoubtedly prettiest packaged EPs of 2014 is also one of the most beautiful and stickiest songs of the year: so.wrong by Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo is the right song for anyone who enjoys rich, lush melodies and crazy catchy hooks. Be prepared to want to hear it on repeat.

Oliver: Zhala is from Sweden and opened for her fellow Scandinavians Robyn and Röyksopp on their U.S. tour. But to be honest, her song is far better than anything I’ve heard from Robyn and Röyksopp recently. It is, taken out of context, my favorite song of the year. It is wonderful melodic, slow developing song and I’m delighted whenever it pops up in a playlist.

Enemy by Florida’s Merchandise immediately goes into the heart of the matter with the catchy guitar strumming  that leads like a thread through the song. Once the velvety smooth vocals chime in, I’m totally hooked. It’s a beautifully upbeat song even when the visuals in the video partially tell otherwise.