3 Is A Band: Depeche Mode



3 Is A Band: Depeche Mode

The first show I’ve attend this year, was by the US band Feathers playing Mercury Lounge, the night when the polar vortex occurred. Only a few days AFTER that show, Feathers were touring Europe, opening for Depeche Mode (more info on The Delta Machine Tour here). And so it is more than fitting to end this year in our 3IsABand series with this larger than life super trio from the UK.

I started to listen to Depeche Mode at a time, when their released singles became hits and were usually topping the charts.  We were glued to our TVs, because there was no YouTube & Co. yet for a quite a while and this was the time when MTV became a household staple by  playing videos instead of reality tv. To find out more about Depeche Mode’s history, have a look at their wiki page and/or read any of the many biographies. And yes, I am well aware that they were initially a four piece but hey, that’s so long ago, that they clearly count as a true three piece by now.

One of the coolest Depeche Mode videos, and one that must have inspired The Killers’ All The Things That I’ve Done, is undeniably Personal Jesus. Have a look:

For me, Dave Gahan, Martin L. Gore and Andrew Fletcher aka Depeche Mode are probably the only band being around for 35+ years who is making music that is still relevant and manages to surprise with greatness. They are the Godfathers of all synth pop bands out there, hands down!

Not only do Depeche Mode know how to make music that goes under your skin, but they know how to support their songs with adequate visuals, as in for example Soothe My Soul, my second favorite on Delta Machine, which came out 2013. My personal favorite on that album would be Slow but there’s no official video but only a studio collage for it – which might be a pretty good thing:

To see -and hear- for yourself, why Depeche Mode still matter and why they are just one of the best (live) acts still around, check out this trailer:

Last but not least, yet there’s no end in exploring Depeche Mode, one of my all time favorite songs: Never Let Me Down Again. Enjoy!

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