Excited about 2015



Excited about 2015

The music world 2014 ended with a heated discussion about the business model of the future and if the meager payouts by streaming services have the potential to kill music by new artists. On the other hand, one only has to go to SXSW or CMJ to see how much fantastic new music is being made. I expect this to continue in 2015 and I’m looking forward to many new discoveries.

Aside from this, 2015 should bring us new albums of some glamglare favorites:

  • Empress Of will release her debut early in the year – she told this to us personally.
  • Grimes is obviously overdue with her follow-up to Visions. No doubt that she’ll blow us away/
  • Dead Leaf Echo are working on a new album and chances are that it will be revealed this year.
  • Emika just founded her own label and will release her third album this year.
  • Austra also should be working on new material and somehow I believe she will surprise us in a way.