NEW ALBUM: Ghost Culture – Ghost Culture



NEW ALBUM: Ghost Culture – Ghost Culture

There’s something fresh and exciting about listening to an artist’s debut album, comparable with the first taste of real champagne, swimming in the ocean or falling in love – for the very first time. The self-titled album Ghost Culture by the London artist James Greenwood aka Ghost Culture takes the listener by the hand and leads them through lush landscapes, where pleasant surprises pop up here and there, all the while he’s singing to us in a soothing voice, that charms its way up into our brains and emotions. We feel lulled in, cocooned almost, but in a good way. 
The ten songs, who all consist of one-word titles, are feel-good pieces.

The video to Guidecca, proofs the old notion that a true artist doesn’t need tons of money to bring his or her vision across, but often some props and a creative mind is all that’s needed. That said, I don’t know how difficult it really was, to film that black and white video but kudos to all involved. 

As for references to other musicians and bands… while listening to Ghost Culture on Soundcloud, in one of the mixes, David Sylvian came on, and actually… not so far off, vocally. In any case, I am more than eager to learn what’ll be next for James Greenwood and hope to catch him live.

Stay tuned with Ghost Culture on his Facebook page, soundcloud and/or Twitter.