3 Is A Band: Mansionair



3 Is A Band: Mansionair

Although there are currently not more than two songs available online, including several re-mixes, these two songs are enough to make me want more! With Hold Me Down and Second Night, Mansionair from Sydney, Australia will come state side to play this year’s South By South West festival – and along the way most likely a few more shows, to make up for the long trip.

Their sound, judged by only two songs, makes me think of two bands in particular. For one, Mansionair’s lead vocalist extends his voice higher and higher, without ever getting annoying but just remaining beautifully lush and his vocal style reminds me of Jason Couse of The Darcy’s (show review and some audio here). And then the song Hold Me Down in particular, reminds me of MOTHXR’s super sexy Easy (show review here).

In essence, I hope that theses two songs are just a super catchy teaser and a start, for some more great music. Can’t wait to see Lachlan, Alex and Jack aka Mansionair live – and chat a bit! For now, there’s always Facebook and soundcloud: