NEW MUSIC: Emika – Klavirni



NEW MUSIC: Emika – Klavirni

Normally, I wouldn’t be drawn to a record with 13 acoustic piano tracks, all named Dilo. But I love Emika dearly and I actually liked her previous piano work a lot: the closer of Emika, Closing Credits always gets me with its dark intensity and her 2003 Klavirni EP with the first three Dilos was not at all a bad listen.

So what to expect from the Klavirni LP? If you are familiar with her electronic work, you know that she is drawn to the darker side of emotions. Paradoxically, by stripping down the music so much, Klavirni goes even a step further. It’s what’s left after the battle is over and lost, the harsh winter after the fall. Put in on to indulge in the melancholy of a late Sunday afternoon in January.

Klavirni, Czech for piano, is rather a side project, published on her own label Emika Records, than a proper successor for 2013’s Dva. Fortunately, she will not go classical all the way: on Dilo 13 she breaks the dogma and shows that she cannot leave her hands completely off the machinery. I hope for a new album from her later this year.