SXSW MUST SEE: Catfish and the Bottlemen



SXSW MUST SEE: Catfish and the Bottlemen

Must See for SXSW are Catfish and the Bottlemen, making their US touring debut over from Wales and if I ever had only seen them performing on Letterman (unlikely, because I don’t watch TV), I would not have really been impressed. Looks too much like a Julian Casablancas impersonation (huge fan!) and overall they sounded unfortunately a little weak and seemed trying “too hard” with their rock-star outfits. Luckily though, I listened to their album, once, twice and then some and came to really like it, which aside from their smash hit Kathleen  is loaded with lots of great tracks. My favorite song on Balcony was quickly identified: Pacifier.

Do yourself a favor, and listen to Pacifier first, without any visuals.

Then check out the hit single Kathleen and Catfish and the Bottlemen’s performance at Letterman:

And here the same song with its official video. Kathleen is definitely a catchy song, which not surprisingly finds its listeners and even its way into the Billboard charts! The video is kind of a classic Rock ‘n’ Roll video and equally enjoyable.