MUSIC BUZZ: Warpaint // Björk // Apple



MUSIC BUZZ: Warpaint // Björk // Apple

Today, 11 years ago, my favorite band Warpaint was founded by Theresa Wayman, Emily Kokal, Jenny Lee Lindberg and Shannyn Sossamon, who later left the band to be eventually replaced by Stella Mozgawa. It took them four more years to release their first EP Exquisite Corpse, which kicked off their rise to an internationally beloved band.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York currently prepares a retrospective about Björk, which will open on March 8th. The exhibition will center around the ten minute track Black Lake off her latest album Vulnicura. This video trailer gives us a taste of what’s coming up:

There’s also a great piece bout Björk in the New York Times magazine.

There is more speculation about how Apple wants to reshape the music industry again. TechCrunch asks if this may be including doing the work of a record label:

Apple denied unsubstantiated rumors that it would acquire Taylor Swift’s label Big Machine this weekend, but that idea doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Yes, The Beatles’ label happened to be called Apple Records, but what if Apple Computer got into the business of owning music itself?

But not every endeavor of Apple necessarily succeeds:

Lest you think everything Apple touches turns to gold, remember when it tried to get into social networking several years ago? If you don’t recall, you’ll be forgiven because Ping was short-lived and forgettable.

For my part I don’t have a particular loyalty to Spotify, so I’ll give whatever Apple comes out with a try.