FIRST LISTEN: Susanne Sundfør – Ten Love Songs



FIRST LISTEN: Susanne Sundfør – Ten Love Songs

Susanne Sundfør has already done five albums and is a star in Norway, her home country, but it took a tweet from ex Keep Shelly in Athens singer Sarah P. to make me listen to her sixth album Ten Love Songs. It is a delightful piece of music, not far away from other melodic Scandinavian synth pop driven by female vocals.

While Ten Love Songs stays firmly in the pop realm, there are quite diverse songs on it, like the big chorus dance banger Accelerate, the ten minute long cinematic symphony Memories or the industrial closer Insects, probably my favorite song.

It is also a good counterprogram to Björk’s new record Vulnicura, which I’m listening to a lot lately. It also centers around love, albeit when it goes awry and leads to breakup and heartache. Ten Love Songs, is also not all honeymoon, but musically easier on the palate.