Turbo Goth live at Coco66



Turbo Goth live at Coco66

It’s still smack-dab deep in the middle of Winter in New York City, but this does not keep us from venturing out, going to a show. I wanted to see Turbo Goth ever since I listened to them prior to SXSW 2014, but I missed them (as so many other cool bands!). They’re even living in New York City by now, and played a decent amount of shows but I managed to miss each one of them. So… Coco66, a Greenpoint music bar to be reckoned with, was the show to finally go to!

It was cold, Winter, as already stated. It was a Tuesday night… a night where those who party from Wednesday on, usually stay at home. And many seemed to have done just that. Credit to where credit is due: Sarah Gaugler (vocals) and Paolo Peralta (vocals, guitars, synth) put on a show that could have easily entertained one hundred, five hundred or more people! They did not flinch and were professional and the small, yet appreciative audience thanked them for it.

Enjoy here some photos of the really cool show. Check out their FB page, watch a video or listen to their dark electronic rock on soundcloud. Looking forward to seeing you again! Maybe in Summer?

== All concert photos by glamglare.com – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==