3 Is A Band: Broncho



3 Is A Band: Broncho

I might have heard Class Historian by Broncho on either a Pandora or Songza playlist and liked it from the spot. What’s not to like? Upbeat and bouncy with a catchy chorus that thanks to its easy lyrics everybody can immediately chime in. The song is in deed so catchy, that it toured my brain all day long and didn’t leave, and so I wanted to know more.

Luckily, Broncho had released their second album Just Enough Hip To Be Woman in September 2014 (how could I have missed it?!) and boy – what a surprise! Class Historian is not necessarily an indication for the overall vibe of the album. It might very well be the most “pop” song because the majority of the other tracks are less seemingly simple and catchy but more elaborate and more post-punk than pop.

On their Facebook page, Broncho mention Ryan Lindsey, Nathan Price and Ben King as members of the band, yet photos from live shows often show four or more people on stage. “3 Is A Band” is a concept, not a dogma. Should Broncho by now consist of more than three members, then they got featured incorrectly as a “three piece” but nevertheless do they make cool music worth being featured.

Formed in Oklahoma, Broncho is currently touring the US with a five days residency at Brooklyn’s Baby’s Allright. Enough chances to see them live.

To listen to the album, check out their soundcloud  page and give especially NC-17 a try.