NEW ALBUM: The Districts – A Flourish and A Spoil



NEW ALBUM: The Districts – A Flourish and A Spoil

I listened to the debut album A Flourish and A Spoil by The Disctricts while preparing a birthday party for a friend and listened to it on repeat. With 10 songs on the album, I listened to each one of them easily 5 or more times. I did notice differences in the recordings but did not question them but now I know the reason why. I also didn’t know anything further about the band, other than that they all from Philadelphia. Having bought the vinyl over the weekend, things became clearer.

Turns out that the 10 songs on the album, are the result of two years of live recordings, which explains the differences in sound quality of the individual tracks. Another interesting fact -maybe-, that I learned, is the age of the band. Not all of them had reached drinking age when recording that album. Reason enough, to pay all the more attention to the lyrics.

As much as I know the proverb “never judge a book by its cover”, I do appreciate cool covers and this cover is no exception. How pleasantly surprised was I, upon opening the album to hold a spiffy, green translucent vinyl in my hands. Gorgeous! Well done, boys – and see you at the Parish for SXSW!