Song Picks of the Week: Bully // La-Bas // Suzanne Vega // Amason // The Foreign Resort // PINS



Song Picks of the Week: Bully // La-Bas // Suzanne Vega // Amason // The Foreign Resort // PINS

PINS – Too Little Too Late

The Manchester four piece PINS has a new album in the works. The video for “Too Little Too Late” is a 3:25 min enactment of two words that are never uttered. I find the song better than what I remember from their first album, so it’s my Song Pick of the Day.

The Foreign Resort – Dead End Roads

Song Pick of the Day “Dead End Roads” by The Foreign Resort – an amazing three piece from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Here’s hope that The Foreign Resort will succeed in their “musicraiser” so we -in the USA- can see them live again! Maybe even in our own home? gasp emoticon smile emoticon

Amason – Duvan

Last (official) day of SXSW. It’s midnight and I’m sitting in the Central Presbyterian Church, barely able to keep my eyes open. Then Amason is playing ‘Duvan’, which feels like a dream. Song Pick of the Day!

Suzanne Vega – I Never Wear White

“I Never Wear White” – a statement, many of us can relate to, is our Song Pick of The Day. It’s a 2014 track by Susan Vega and I especially like this “Tiny Desk” version of it. As a bonus -keep watching!- experience a whole new version of “Tom’s Diner”, fitting for Throwback Thursday.

*Lá-Bas – Automaton

Lá-Bas is more a project than a band with three main members and lots of other people involved. I’m generally skeptical about such collaborations, but this song Automaton is amazing. I just love Angelica Allen’s voice here, so this is the Song Pick of the Day.

Bully – Milkman

Song Pick of the Day is ‘Milkman’ by Bully from Nashville. I loved their show in Austin and looking forward to see them at Northside in Brooklyn this summer.