Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

Hannah Cohen – Keepsake

I like this song more with every listen, so it’s my Song Pick of the Day. Hannah Cohen is a singer/songwriter from New York via San Francisco and she just released her second album ‘’Pleasure Boy”.

Fransico The Man – You & I

These days, I am listening to new releases (of course) but also some albums I’ve missed to pay (enough) attention to in 2014. “Loose Ends” by Francisco The Man might be just one of them since I’m having it on repeat just now…

Marin – Day 42

I don’t know much about Marin, except that she’s from London and has a wonderful late-night-in-the-city song with “Day 42”. It’s my Song Pick of the Day.

Jonathan Jackson and Enation – Kicked in the Head

Discoveries are such a fun thing and the explanation for this one in particular would become rather long, so let me keep it short and state that “Kicked In The Head” by Jonathan Jackson and Enation is an awesome song, with a lot of tempo, immense build-up, great drum beats, sharp guitars and killer vocals. Listen to our Song Pick Of The Day:

Emika – Take Me for a Ride

Here’s a new Emika song, which is not on her upcoming album, but maybe a B-side from single never to be released. You can do these things, if you have your own label. It’s a great track nonetheless and Song Pick of the Day.