The Wans live at The Studio At Webster Hall



The Wans live at The Studio At Webster Hall

The Wans are a three piece from Nashville, TN and ever since I listened to Never Wins, I was hooked and wanted to hear more! Luckily, there’s plenty of great material, yet listening at home is one thing, and live a whole different story! Browsing (and listening!) to all the bands who were heading to Austin for SXSW this year, I was excited to find The Wans in the mix as well and so I put them on my definite “Must See” list.

But as things go, I ended up not seeing them in Austin. Living in New York City though has its advantages -there are plenty despite this being a tough and expensive place- and one usually doesn’t need to wait (too) long until a band has booked a show in New York. And so, SXSW 2105 basically had just ended, The Wans played The Studio At Webster Hall on March 31st. They were on a bill together with Lost In Society (opening) and Dead Sara (closing) and while I saw half the set of Lost In Society, I missed Dead Sara. 

The Studio At Webster Hall is an intimate place with a “cozy” stage, and with the drum set  of Dead Sara already built up, The Wans had no other choice than to push Mark Petaccia’s drum set super close to the edge of the stage, which made room for quite some drummer centric visuals, as you can see from our concert photos. Simon Kerr (vocals, guitar) to the left and Thomas Bragg (vocals, bass) to the right and at times even walking to the far right as if he intended to walk of stage. With all three band members not only  playing their instruments but singing as well, we got treated to a great and energetic show of powerful garage-psychedelic-rock! Come back soon!

== All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

Check out The Wans’ page and listen to their in Fall 2014 released album He Said, She Said and follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter. For immediate fun, watch their pretty “sizzling” video to the even hotter song Never Win