FIRST LISTEN: Doldrums – The Air Conditioned Nightmare



FIRST LISTEN: Doldrums – The Air Conditioned Nightmare

Electronic music has changed a lot in the last decades and by now is splintered into numerous genres and sub-genres. In The Air Conditioned Nightmare Airick Woodhead, the man behind Doldrums, takes it back to a point before the various dance music styles began their raise to mainstream. In particular the first two songs, HOTFOOT and Blow Away remind me of some records by Kissing the Pink, Frank Tovey or The Weathermen, which I was very much into in the late 80s. Back then electronic music evolved from the melodic Kraftwerk-inspired synth lines to something rougher and more organic.

I like almost every song on the record: A Funeral for Lightning and We Awake are some of my favorites. Then there is Loop with a synth line that makes me remember of the 70s instrumental Popcorn – I love the album for this alone.

The Air Conditioned Nightmare is marked for favorite albums of the year.