Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

Sea lions are lovely animals and deserve a song and London singer Py did a particularly good one with this funky track. Song Pick of Monday!

Excited about the debut album of Waterstrider and from this album comes our Song Pick of Tuesday – a track that got me a long time ago already: Nowhere Now

Massachusetts band Speedy Ortiz just has released their second album Foil Deer and this Song Pick of Wednesday stood out for me after the first listen.

Song Pick of Thursday: Brooklyn singer Danielle Cardona’s Rebound in a fierce remix by Rene Jenssen.

As much as we enjoy to discovery NEW music, it’s also nice to slow down and look back, not as far back as 10 or more years but back to 2014 maybe, when Cymbals Eat Guitars released their album Lose. My fav track and our Song Pick of Friday is Chambers.

Song Pick of Saturday: Burundi by Saul Williams joined by Emily Kokal. You can barely hear her, but just knowing that she was in the same room makes this song even better.