NEW ALBUM: Waterstrider – Nowhere Now



NEW ALBUM: Waterstrider – Nowhere Now

Waterstrider is a five piece band from Oakland, California, having released their debut album Nowhere Now early April 2015, yet published a few tracks from it already last year and just fueled the anticipation for the entire album! When I heard the album’s title song somewhen in 2014, I loved it from the spot. It’s a beautifully upbeat song, with a haunting melody, with vocals that go high up to an admirable falsetto only to drop down again to a baritone’s low frequency, even for just a little while until the vocals soar again. Mesmerizingly held together is Nowhere Now by lots of driving percussions, drums and guitar melodies. 

Who’s behind Waterstrider? Nate Salman (vocals, guitar), Brijean Murphy (congas, percussion),  Scott Brown (guitar, synth), Drew Brown (guitar, synth) and Walker Johnson (drums). Nowhere Now is an excellent album with entirely unique music, and while Nate Salman’s voice, when it goes into falsetto, reminds me of more  recent favorites like Mansionair and The Darcys, Waterstrider’s overall take on music reminds me of Foals (minus the vocals and the heavier beats).  So it comes as no surprise (at least for me) that I absolutely love Waterstrider’s music! 

While the albums’ title track and track number nine Nowhere Now, together with the opening track White Light are maybe the most known and popular songs, the entire album is superbly done and in similar style as these two tracks. Other stand-out favorites of mine are Calliope  – being the “queen of all muses” (watch the video, enclosed further down) as well as Just A Taste. Listen to it here:

To stay current, follow Waterstrider via Facebook and/or Twitter and watch out for a show near you. Before you go, watch the video for Calliope:

When I heard Calliope for the very first time, I couldn’t believe just how awesome it is. While I find the visuals in the video for that song “confusing”, I admire the approach and am intrigued – which is already much more than I can say about many other videos.

Waterstrider are touring! Catch them at any of the following events: