3 Is A Band: Go!Zilla – Sinking In Your Sea



3 Is A Band: Go!Zilla – Sinking In Your Sea

Go!Zilla are an exciting three piece from Florence, Italy comprised of Luca Landi (vocals, guitar), Fabio Ricciolo (drums, vocals) and Mattia Biagiotti (vocals, guitar). Upon reading the line-up respectively the instrumentation, it becomes clear that Go!Zilla are forgoing the classic punk three piece set-up with guitar, bass and drums, but play with two guitars and one drum set, making the guitar do bass duties as needed. All three though bring their voices to good use as well and infuse their sound with plenty of vocal flavors.

As one would expect from a band self-classifying their sound as “Fuzz Psychedelic Punk”, the songs on  Sinking In The Sea, the second full length album of Go!Zilla, are a joyful mix of just that and then some. When asked to describe the sound and feel of the album with some other, then I’d go with The Pixies meet Nirvana while also flirting with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. In a song like Looking in the Mirror for example,  there’s definitely some cool psychedelic guitar vibe going on and the vocals plus background vocals are driving the song nicely forward. 

To listen to the entire album -and to ultimately buy it- go to the Go!Zilla’s bandcamp or soundcloud page. I am slo including here my current favorite track Xilitia. Be ready to get hooked…

To get a visual idea who Go!Zilla are, watch this upbeat, beach-psychedelic album teaser:

Room for more? Then here’s also the video to Melting for your eyes and ears: 

Should you find yourself in Europe, then catch Go!Zilla on their tour. If that’s not an option, wait until October, until the three from Italy will tour the USA. I’m excited to have learned that Luca, Fabio and Mattia will be playing in New York on October 2nd 2015. 

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