Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

Song Pick of the Day is “Needs”, a catchy electronic instrumental by Protect-U
It’s perfect for Monday afternoon, when you’re longing for the weekend and are in need for this little extra-kick to make it through the day!

Pinkshinyultrablast from Russia with beautiful dreamy shoegaze delivers the Song Pick of Tuesday.

“Ripe For Love” by Jackson Scott is our Song Pick of Wednesday. Jackson Scott’s album “Sunshine Redux” just came out this week and charmingly pierces its way into our ear buds. There are hints to the British band Babylon Zoo (who we remember fondly) yet this is no doubt a modern and ultra cool album, truly digging and recommending it!

Song Pick of Thursday: “Did I Tell You Last Night” by Cheena. Rough and loud rock, featuring Margaret Chardiet of Pharmakon using a guitar.

Weekend on my mind, whiskey in my hand, chatting with good friends… in any case, this comes to my mind when listening to today’s Song Pick of Friday by The Black Cadillacs with Methodrone.

Mai Kino a singer/songwriter from London via Portugal provides her promising debug single as our Song Pick of Saturday.