NEW MUSIC: Secret Admirer – Pale Shelter



NEW MUSIC: Secret Admirer – Pale Shelter

Secret Admirer is a self-described Black Metal formation from Montgomery, Alabama comprised of Heinali Finney, Matt Finney and Andrew Helsinski. Pale Shelter is certainly not typical for the metal genre as I know it. There’s a massive wall of ambient noise with drums buried under it and a narrator who speaks the lyrics of Tears For Fears‘ 1983 original Pale Shelter in a somber voice from far away.

Closing my eyes while listening, the tune evokes the picture of a desert on a strange planet, with a procession of hooded figures heading to an unknown place.

Pale Shelter is the title song of an upcoming concept album about the suicide of an aging supermodel. The song is available for free download on Bandcamp together with another song, Billowing Perfume, which also highlights the ambient side of the project.

The album will be a blend of dark ambient/dance/black metal and I’m looking forward to listen to it from A to Z. For now, the promising teaser has to do.