NEW ALBUM: Speedy Ortiz – Foil Deer



NEW ALBUM: Speedy Ortiz – Foil Deer

Earlier this year during South by Southwest one thing to note were the many rock bands around female singer/songwriters making a big splash. While I unfortunately missed Speedy Ortiz, I saw bands like Torres, Bully and Wolf Alice, who rock a similar vibe. I like it when poetry is no longer confined to acoustic guitars and pianos, but is accompanied with a full set of electric guitars, drums and keyboards. For me, music comes first and the lyrics second anyway.

Then again, Sadie Depuis of Speedy Ortiz writes great lyrics. Lines like “I was the best at being second place / But now I’m just the runner-up / At being the second one you think of every day / Before you go back to one” in The Graduates just immediately stick. The band accompanies this with screeching guitar melodies, which remind me of The Pixies, Bossanova era, when I had a brief musical love affair with them. My favorite song on Foil Deer would be Puffer, one of the more sinister tracks, with an ominous bass line.

I saw Speedy Ortiz live last year at the 4 Knots Festival in Downtown Manhattan and they were massive and loud. Their next New York show is at Terminal 5, which is too big for our taste, even for a perfect bill together with Courtney Barnett and Torres.

Foil Deer (Spotify, iTunes) is out now on Carpark Records.