New Album: Pale Honey – Pale Honey



New Album: Pale Honey – Pale Honey

Sometimes there’s an album that sounds familiar from the first second on – even if it’s a debut from newcomers like the Swedish duo Pale Honey. I just feel at home with Tuva Lodmark’s vocals, which I could listen to for hours, the sparse, melodic guitar lines and some subtle electronics thrown in. Many bands I love fall in their vicinity: Hockeysmith, Mensch, 2:54 and also Warpaint (in particular the song Bandolier sports very Warpaint-y guitar work).

Pale Honey is on tour, but only a few dates in Sweden and the U.K. are announced so far. Pale Honey is out now on Instant Records ([iTunes](Pale Honey by Pale Honey | Spotify).

Watch the video for Youth here: