3 Is A Band: Kink Ador



3 Is A Band: Kink Ador

When looking through Nasville’s event calendar, who would be playing the last weekend in May, I at first didn’t see any band that would sound appealing. Granted, I would not have been opposed to some honest country music, yet I definitely wanted to see some local musicians, some who do not have New York on their regular touring schedule.

Then I learned about a pretty cool venue, the 3rd and Lindsley and listened to their Sunday May 31st line-up. This was too good to be true! Not only are both featured bands coming from Nashville but both are pretty cool rock bands, although with different focus. 

Kink Ador, the band opening for Future Thieves on Sunday (and I can imagine, that they might have played the other way around already as well), are headed by the captivating Sharon Koltick who sings, plays the bass and also writes the music, in addition to playing the trumpet at times. They name The Talking Heads, The Police, The Strokes, The Clash, and David Bowie as their influences and one can hear all that and much more… The three piece aspect, with the singer on bass, certainly mirrors The Police the most.

While Kink Ador impress with cool material on their own, their cover of Future Island’s smash hit Season (Waiting on You) is as good as cover versions can get, and the accompanying video is charming. Listen to Kink Ador’s first album Set Me Free on Soundcloud and enjoy the video to Season (Waiting on You).