LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Poesie Noire – Verge of Tears



LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Poesie Noire – Verge of Tears

I didn’t know anything about Poesie Noire when I bought this record in 80s – I was just on the hunt for alternative electronic music, which mostly meant to browse a bin in the back of the records store. Maybe I realized at that time that they were from Belgium, where a lot of electronic music, dubbed Electronic Body Music, came from in those days. But surely I hadn’t heard a single song of them. In the end, the album Tales of Doom wasn’t that great, but Verge Of Tears made it again and again on my mix tapes and eventually I realized that it’s one of my favorite songs.

With the benefit of Wikipedia, I know now that Poesie Noire was a three piece, including a woman named Marianne Valvekens, which was a rarity in those days.

Listen to the song here: