MUSIC BUZZ: Releases and Announcement



MUSIC BUZZ: Releases and Announcement

Elke and I are listening to new music every week. In this new series we select a few albums that we like and you may like too. You also find new album and show announcements. Enjoy!

Out Now

Northern American – Modern Phenomena

Elke: This Week, Northern American, based in Los Angeles and consisting of Nate Paul (guitar, vocals), Shane Alch (keys), Augusto Vega (bass) and Bruno Calenda (drums) released their debut album Modern Phenomena. Without ever having heard a single song of theirs before, listening to the album, I get immediately drawn in and wrapped in beautifully flowing melodies, like beads on a bracelet, on little pearl after the other. One reviewer compares their sound with “early U2 and Massive Attack” and while I as a huge fan of both don’t really hear that, I do get the 80s vibe without being retro and if comparisons are needed in any way, then Nate Paul’s voice reminds me most of Simple Minds… all around a good thing in my book. Modern Phenomena is an album that won’t leave my list of favorite new releases quickly.

SOAK – Before we forget how to dream

Oliver: SOAK is a 17 year old singer/songwriter, who was on our SXSW short list (but we didn’t manage to see her). I like the album a lot: it is quiet, with a lot of gravitas, but it has enough drive and surprises to keep you interested throughout its 14 songs. (iTunes, Spotify)

Girlpool – Before the World was Big

Oliver: Can you do music with just two guitars and two voices? Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad of [Girlpool(, also teenagers, just do it and it is good for an album of 24 minutes, only slightly longer than their debut EP. (iTunes, Spotify).

Algiers – Algiers

Oliver: Algiers from Atlanta is big, important and heavy (almost the diametric opposite of Girlpool). Alt-J, Tame Impala and such came to mind. Many will like this album a lot. (iTunes, Spotify).

Album Announcements

Grimes – TBD

Oliver: As it is her habit, Grimes announced her album with a tweet to a fan. “Oct”, she said, “Very different” and “real instruments”. We will see if her undeniably huge artist talent prevails or her rise to stardom derailed her musical ambitions. In any case, I’m craving to hear something new by her, something that doesn’t come with an asterisk like her last two “singles”.

FKA twigs – Melissa (EP)

Oliver: Everybody was betting on FKA twigs next EP would be EP3, but I don’t think she wanted to be that predictable. It’s called Melissa instead, which refers to her “personal female energy”. It is expected to be out in a couple of months. See photos of her Congregata show here.

Tour Announcements

Ibeyi – Fall

Oliver: The two Ibeyi sisters are doing what you have to do when you want to break into the music business: they tour relentlessly. That means they are coming back to the U.S. in fall, including a Webster Hall show in NYC. Find their tour schedule on their website (click on “Menu” and “Tour”).