3 Is A Band: Monograms



3 Is A Band: Monograms

What I love about music festivals like SXSW, CMJ or Northside is not only the broad variety of participating musicians but the chance to see bands who would get lost in the daily mix of a city like New York. With having some “time to kill”, and knowing that Black Bear Bar would offer stellar sounds systems, gorgeous lighting and the much appreciated A/C to beat the summer heat, we headed there and were pleasantly surprised with the band who just started to play: Monograms from Brooklyn.

Listening to their Fader EP, which impresses with strong melodies, driving beats, lush guitar sounds and infectious rhythms, I liked them even better than I already liked them live, hence the #3IsABand feature. There’s (not yet) much material available online. They do play another show though at Williamsburg’s stellar music venue Rough Trade NYC  and you’ll read more about them here… To stay connected, follow Monograms on their Facebook page and/or Twitter.

Listen to the driving beat, rad guitars and cool vocals in Makeup and then make your way through the entire EP. Here’s looking forward to more great music!