Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

The Song Pick of Monday Come in comes from London musician GEoRGiA (capitalization hers). I love the industrial beat on this track, which is off a four track EP with the same name. More of this please!

Are You Happy asks The Outdoor Type in our Song Pick of Tuesday. The beautiful tune is full of longing, spiked with a dash of sadness and a big sprinkle of sunshine on top. Told you… Australia grin emoticon – Listen for yourself.

More from London: Nao’s bouncy track Zillionaire off her EP February 15 is our Song Pick of Wednesday.

Let’s remain in London for the Song Pick of Thursday. This one comes from Oscar… oh this voice! Listen to it and get carried away yourself…

The DC electropop duo Broke Royals announced their second EP for August 7th. Here’s the track The Thick Of It, the Song Pick of Friday. I just can’t resist glockenspiel-like synth lines.

Not sure where to put Everything Shook, an Irish electronic three-piece. I walked Past Your House conveys some Gazelle Twin like scariness and I can’t pinpoint yet what the music reminds of. But it’s hell of a good Song Pick of Saturday.