PHOTOS: No Joy live at Rough Trade



PHOTOS: No Joy live at Rough Trade

No Joy is a Canadian four piece, originally founded by Jasmine White-Gluz (vocals, guitar) and Laura Lloyd (guitar), now joined by drummer Garland Hastings and bassist Michael Farsky. They do shoegaze, almost in the literal sense of the word: both guitarists operate an impressive array of technology at their feet and Jasmine was mostly hidden behind her long hair hanging in front of her face. If the band’s name is also their motto, on stage they interpret it by doing absolutely no interaction with the audience, while they unlesh their wall of sound on the Saturday afternoon crowd (they made up for that by hanging around with the audience after the show). But that doesn’t dimish the impact: the show was a jolt of energy on a dreary Saturday afternoon.

No Joy’s excellent third album More Faithful came out on Mexican Summer a few weeks ago (iTunes, Spotify).

= All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==