3 Is A Band: The Eiffels



3 Is A Band: The Eiffels

Leisurely listening through tons of new songs on SoundCloud… I Did It Now stood out, and I wanted to immediately listen to it again. And a third time, while checking out the band: The Eiffels. From Los Angeles…. aha, that explains the upbeat, energetic vibe. Three musicians Sean Ulbs (vocals, guitar),  Lee Marciniak (drums) and Jade Michael (synths, guitar) – perfect for my #3IsABand column!

Something is slightly off here though, at least at first glance: the photos on their Facebook page depict three men clad in leather and/or dark colors, with somewhat 60s haircuts, portraying a classic three piece formation with guitar, bass and drums but WHERE are the synths? Because – this is massive synth-rock with a clear 80s touch, this is what defines The Eiffels.

Think again! What makes The Eiffels stand out is their uncanny knack for songs with catchy hooks, well defined choruses, great harmonies and powerful, yet smooth lead and backing vocals. The music is fierce enough to not get lost in a mix of sugary pop, yet it is that crazy good that I have no doubt that the four tracks on their self-titled EP will charm their way into the ears and onto the playlists of tons of thousands new fans to come!

  • Listen to The Eiffels on SoundCloud. Listen to “I Did It Now” and then keep on moving!

Maybe my favorite song for now: More (but I love them all!) Watch it: