Little Racer, New Life, Surf Rock Is Dead and New Myths Rocked out at Union Pool



Little Racer, New Life, Surf Rock Is Dead and New Myths Rocked out at Union Pool

Last Friday, we enjoyed one big Summer bash at the always party-ready Union Pool, referring to Little Racer‘s EP Release Party, who celebrated in style and with three other Brooklyn bands they’re friends with. Guilty as charged, I sometimes miss the first or the last band(s) but not THIS evening! I certainly did not want to loose out on the opening New Myths, an all-female three piece from Brooklyn who delivered! Rosie Slater (drums, vocals), Marina Ross (bass, vocals) and Brit Boras (vocals, guitar) sound live as awesome as recorded and they did set the bar high (!) for the other bands to follow…

Listen to New Myths on SoundCloud and follow them on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Next up were Surf Rock Is Dead, a duo from Chicago respectively Melbourne, Australia. They got supported by New Life’s drummer. Clearly, surf rock is not dead! Kevin Pariso (vocals, guitar) and Joel Witenberg (vocals, bass) put a fun show on stage…

Next up were New Life, the new project of Andrew Marr. Having just seen two great bands, and anticipating yet another one, later, we only listened to a few songs of New Life, missed to take photos and enjoyed the glorious Summer night for a while, chatting with friends…

We were back inside right in time though for Little Racer! Thanks to our lovely chat with New Myths, we knew already that not only Surf Rock Is Dead/New Life’s drummer (whose name I miss) did double duty, but Rosie Slater would do too. As a matter of fact, Rosie Slater has been taken over drum duties for most of Little Racer‘s shows this year.

With the drums so beautifully and skillfully taken care of, Elliot Michaud (vocals, guitar), Ish Nazmi (bass) and Wade Michael (guitar, vocals) could focus on performing on not only the joyful songs of their EP Foreign Tongues but also older fan favorites and then some. It was easy to see and feel that Little Racer were enjoying their special evening and were clearly in a celebratory mood – and so was the audience! 

Sadly, even the best evenings and parties need to find an end and so did this one too. Cheers’ to a highly enjoyable EP and the appropriate party! See you again another time…


Listen to the SoundCloud stream of Little Racer, buy Foreign Tongues on iTunes and catch Little Racer live:

Watch the inspired video to the super catchy and cool Montevideo: