3 Is A Band: Screaming Females



3 Is A Band: Screaming Females

When I attended 4Knots Festival recently, I was not prepared for who’d be playing next after the more mellow but equally cool UK trio Happyness (photos & review) and was absolutely blown away by this New Brunswick, NJ three piece! I think nobody that day matched the pretty intense and simply awesome show of Screaming Females.

Clearly, as a band they together make great, straight forward alt-rock and Jarrett Dougherty (drums) and King Mike (bass) know what they’re doing and play their instruments with great skills. Yet it is Marissa Paternoster (guitar, vocals) who stands out and transforms a “simple” live show to a true “experience”. She’s a badass guitarist, paired with a pretty unique voice and brings Screaming Females’ songs vividly to life. There’s no doubt that I will try to catch them live again, THAT good.  However, Screaming Females’ recorded material is very interesting too, with their latest album Rose Mountain (6th studio album, released by Don Giovanni Records) probably being my favorite.

Find Screaming Females on Facebook and Instagram, and stream their sound on Soundcloud.

Screaming Females just released a video to Empty Head, which doesn’t show the band but pretty cool area shots and… – watch for yourself:

Go and see Screaming Females live:

And if you want to get a taste of the band playing live, check out their NPR Tiny Desk session: