Jet Trash – EP



Jet Trash – EP

Listening to the six tracks on Jet Trash‘s debut EP (no title other than “EP”), one already gets a feel where the four who form Jet Trash might be located at. The sound is definitely beach and surf-rock inspired, waves and beaches of the Pacific – and not the Atlantic. And bingo! Jet Trash ARE from California, from San Francisco to be precise.

Keith Shughrou (lead guitar, backing vocals), Paul Kemp (vocals, rhythm guitar), Marshall Fassino (vocals, bass) and Robby Justesen (drums) create joyful rock with old-school surf-rock influence, tons of reverb and an overall lo-fi garage rock feel. The album grew on me and I’ve been listening to it a lot, looking forward to the full length album which according to the band is currently in the making. 

Should Jet Trash make it out to the East, I’ll catch them for sure for now though, let’s stream the EP on SoundCloud, buy it and listen to Photography Is Over, the maybe stand-out track here:

Another track that got my attention and me listen to a round of the early Doobie Brothers is Tiger Room which sports exactly one riff of the famous Long Train Running… that’s all resemblance there is, but it’s a cool nod!

Jet Trash EP Tracklist: 
01. What They Want
02. Baby C’mon
03. Blood Moon
04. Tiger Room
05. Photography is over
06. California

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