New this Week: Evvol // Emika // Dirty Ghosts // Hannah Peel // Nervo // Empress Of



New this Week: Evvol // Emika // Dirty Ghosts // Hannah Peel // Nervo // Empress Of

Out this week

Evvol – Eternalism

Evvol is a Berlin-based duo whose music is difficult to classify, even more on their second album than on their first one, which they recorded as Kool Thing. Dark synth pop maybe comes closest, but better give it a listen yourself on Apple Music or Spotify.

Dirty Ghosts – Cataract

Dirty Ghosts is a West Coast three piece who do 80s-inspired guitar pop. The EP Cataract is their first new music after a three year hiatus. (Apple Music, Spotify)

Emika – DREI (Remixes)

Emika’s music has always been an excellent base for remixes (I attempted one myself), so it makes sense to put an album out with some of them. (Apple Music, Spotify)

Hannah Peel – Rebox 2

Hannah Peel is a serious, electronic musician, who has studied that stuff and her EP Rebox 2 is a brainy, glockenspiel-heavy affair. I like Pale Green Ghosts a lot.(Apple Music, Spotify)

Nervo – Collateral

Nervo are Australian twin sisters who are big in EDM: the track lists sports many “feat.” parentheses and their bio name-drops dance music royalty like David Guetta. Normally I would look the other way, but it’s summer, so why not indulge a little bit into easygoing pop music. (Apple Music, Spotify)

Just announced

Empress Of – Me (September 11th)

This may be the album I’ve been anticipating the longest. Empress Of’s 2013 track Realize You was one of my favorites of the year and I assumed it is the lead single of an upcoming album, but there hasn’t been an album until later this year. We have seen her playing many of the songs live and can assure that it will be awesome.